Friday, July 27, 2012

World’s Luxurious Pool

Well friends it’s the luxurious pool I’ve ever seen. The Infinity Pool of the Skypark that tops the marina Bay Sands hotel towers in Singapore. You can also ask it Strangest Pool of the world. The Sands Skypark features a 150-meter long infinity pool overlooking Singapore’s city skyline and marina Bay.

World’s Largest Mosques

20. Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
Al-Aqsa Mosque also known as al-Aqsa, is an Islamic holy place in the Old City of Jerusalem. The site that includes the mosque (along with the Dome of the Rock) is also referred to as al-Haram ash-Sharif or “Sacred Noble Sanctuary”, a site also known as the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, the place where the First and Second Temples are generally accepted to have stood. Widely considered as the third holiest site in Islam, Muslims believe that the prophet Muhammad  was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa during the Night Journey. Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad led prayers towards this site until the seventeenth month after the emigration, when God ordered him to turn towards the Ka’aba. Al-Aqsa is comes as twentieth largest mosque of the world.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harry Potter Theme Park

 The “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journeyattraction is set inside Hogwarts castle overlooking the park. Guests will enter through the main gates to explore the grounds and interior of the castle. The most obvious signs of Wizarding World construction are the towering steeples of Hogwarts Castle rising triumphantly into the sky. Islands of Adventure guests will soon be entering those castle

Best Terrace Lounges in the World

Masdar city being built in Abu Dhabi is going to be the world’s first ever city that is sustainable, have zero-carbon and zero-waste ecology.
“We will no longer have to guess what the city of the future looks like. In Abu Dhabi, we will be able to see it with our own eyes.”
- Paul Dickerson, chief operating officer for the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
The city of future is being built in Abu Dhabi that is surprising for many around the world but its true.

Unique Architectures Of The World

1. Leaf House – Angra dos Reis, Brazil
The roof of this architectural masterpiece looks like a giant flower with six petals, each of which covers a different section of the home. A curved swimming pool works its way through the house before culminating as a small pond stocked with fish and vegetation in the backyard. Architect firm Mareines + Patalano designed the interior of this house to be free of hallways, providing ample space for the beach winds to blow through. “The idea of hallways stems from production homebuilding, which has so dominated our environment and marketplace that people see them as a standard,” says Peter Koliopoulos, an architect with 26 years of experience and founder of Arizona-based Circle West Architects. “That is really unfortunate because great spaces are developed in a way that this home has been developed.”
This post features 18 strangest homes around the world whom can also be considered as most unique houses by their unique architecture designs.
2. Everingham Rotating House – Taree, Australia

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Europe’s Most Expensive Hotel

Built by Azerbaijani Mountain Jewish businessman Telman Ismailov, Mardan Palace considered as Eurasia’s and the Mediterranean’s most expensive luxury resort. It is  located in Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera. It was opened on 23 May 2009 and attended by Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Monica Bellucci,

House Built from Trash

The issue of recycling has been an important one for some years, but recently, with councils resorting to fortnightly collections in a bid to encourage recycling, this is an issue that has been receiving increased attention across the world. Lets see some have made really beautiful homes with different recycled materials.

The most unique buildings in the world

1. Aqua Tower USA
Aqua is an 82-story mixed-use residential skyscraper under construction in the Lakeshore East development in downtown Chicago. The name “Aqua” is in keeping with the nautical theme most of the buildings in the Lakeshore East development have: The Tides, The Shoreham, The Regatta, etc. It is currently topped-out at 819 ft (250 m), and will include six levels of parking below ground. The building’s eight-story, 140,000 sq ft (13,000 m2) base will be topped by a 82,550 sq ft (7,669 m2) terrace with gardens, gazebos, pools, hot tubs, a walking/running track and fire pit. Each floor will cover approximately 16,000 sq ft (1,500 m2).
Of course construction technologies are advancing extremely fast. Lets see top ten  strange and unique structures of the world which have either been approved or are in the final stages of approval. some have already been partially constructed.
2. Chicago Spire, USA
Chicago spire will become America’s tallest building by the end of 2010. It has been designed by the well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The 150-floor building is being developed by Garrett Kelleher of Shelbourne Development Group Inc and is expected to be completed in 2010. Access to the tower will be from Lower Lake Shore Drive to reduce the impact on traffic in the neighborhood – the tower is expected to add one car a minute to the local traffic pattern. Within three months of the building announcement, 800 people had contacted the developer wanting to buy apartments in the building.
3. CCTV Headquarters, China
The CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper  in the Beijing Central Business District. The building is the headquarters of China Central Television. Groundbreaking took place on September 22, 2004 and the building’s facade was completed in Jun 2008. Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA were the architects in charge for the building, while Arup provided the complex engineering design. It stands at 234 meters (768 ft) tall and has 54 floors.
4. Regatta Hotel, Jakarta
Taking on a nautical theme, the developers say the 10 smaller towers represent sailing boats whilst the larger building is ‘The Lighthouse’. It’s the lighthouse that steals the show for us, possibly the most incredible looking structure we’ve seen for a long time. If it ends up looking anything close to these pictures we’ll be impressed.
5. Songjiang Hotel, Shanghai
Atkins has won an international competition to design a five-star resort hotel set within a beautiful water-filled quarry in the Songjiang district close to Shanghai in China. Its stunning concept designs inspired by the natural water and landscape features of the quarry captured the imagination of judges to quash competition from two other international firms.
6. Russia Tower, Russia
The Russia Tower is an unfinished supertall skyscraper, the construction of which is cancelled, in the Moscow International Business Centre of Moscow, Russia. Construction began in September, 2007, and was planned to be completed in 2012. The total area of the structure would cover 520,000 m2  (5,600,000 sq ft), of which 38% (approximately 200,000 m2 (2,200,000 sq ft)) would be located underground. The tower would contain 118 floors, 101 elevators, and underground parking to accommodate 3,680 cars. Commercial retail shops would be located at the base of the building. The maximum capacity of the building was projected to be around 30,000.
7. Penang Global City Centre, Malaysia
Asymptote’s design for the PGCC complex is centered on the idea of creating a new and powerful image for the city of Penang and the new initatives associated with the development of the Northern Corridor of Malaysia. The design achieves its elegance and stature through the simultaneous embrace of natural landscapes and contemporary urbanism. The PGCC will become a vital new precinct that complements and enhances the unique characteristics that typify Penang as a remarkable island metropolis. The design of the iconic towers in particular draws inspiration from not only the lushness and drama of the surrounding mountains and seascapes, but also from the rich and diverse cultural heritage that makes up the Malaysian nation and Penang in particular.
8. Gazprom Headquarters, Russia
This gigantic, 300m tall glass flame of a building will house the Gazprom Headquarters in St. Petersburg , dwarfing all structures in its vicinity, it will apparently change color up to 10 times per day depending on the position of the sun. The building has already been nicknamed ‘corn on the cob’ by unhappy locals.
9. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Monday, July 16, 2012

Great Palaces of the World

1. Mohatta Palace, Karachi, Pakistan
The Word PALACE is derived from the Latin name Palātium, for Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills in Rome. A palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop. In many parts of Europe, the term is also applied to relatively large urban buildings built as the private mansions of the aristocracy. Many historic palaces are now put to other uses such as parliaments, museums, hotels or office buildings (wikipedia). This post features a collection of 26 marvelous palaces around the world.

2. King’s Palace Thailand
3. The Palace of Justice, Romania
4. Crystal Palace, London, England

Oldest Churches in the World

1. Dura-Europos church
The Dura-Europos church  is the earliest identified Christian house church. It is located in Dura-Europos in Syria and dates from 235 AD. The site of Dura-Europos, a former city and walled fortification, was excavated largely in the 1920s and 1930s by French and American teams. Within the archaeological site, the house church is located by the 17th tower and preserved by the same defensive fill that saved the nearby Dura-Europos synagogue.
The designation of the oldest church in the world requires careful use of definitions, and must be divided into two parts, the oldest in the sense of oldest surviving building, and the oldest in the sense of oldest Christian church congregation. Even here, there is the distinction between old church buildings that have been in continuous use as churches, and those that have been converted to other purposes; and between
2. Megiddo church

World's Best Universities

25. Kyoto University, Japan
Kyoto University rated as 25th best university in World University Rankings. Founded in 1897, Kyoto University has deeply considered its traditions of liberal and academic freedom, educating many. We continue to actively maintain these principles, which are the foundation of academic freedom. Kyoto University places top priority on basic research, develops advanced technology leading to the acquisition of intellectual property, and then returns this knowledge to society through education, social cooperation, and the opportunity for lifelong education. Kyoto University has 3 campuses nestled in a basin, which forms the main part of Kyoto, a city which in tradition and culture of which Kyoto University is a part.
Lets take  a look that which university has which position according to world university rankings.
24. University of Hong Kong

Friday, July 13, 2012

Most Anticipated Architectures

1. Burj Khalifa – Dubai, U.A.E
The year started on a literal high, as the world’s tallest skyscraper opened for business on Jan. 4, 2010. The Burj Khalifa tower, designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill, stands at 2,717 feet, more than 160 stories high, with an Armani hotel, offices, and homes all included in the massive structure.
The architecture industry has been reeling in recent years, walloped by everything from mortgage meltdowns to the deep-rooted global recession. As the financial crisis has hit home(s), construction has slowed on both residential and commercial projects, leaving architects and builders to come up with creative ways to keep their firms afloat. Here are some of the projects set to open their doors, break ground, or gain attention in 2010.
2. Masdar – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Incredible Castles Around the World

1. Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, England
Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, England, is the largest inhabited castle in the world. It is one of the official residences of The Queen, together with Buckingham Palace in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.
For all of you who are planning to discover this magically romantic part of the world, we have a collection of world’s 15 incredible castles.
2. Chateau de Versailles, Pairs, France

Stunning Architecture Photography

A collection of beautiful examples of architectural photography that will absolutely make you amazed. Just scroll down to see some incredible scenic views of the most beautiful structures around the world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buildings That Seemingly Could Collapse In A Second

1. Trojan House (Melbourne, Australia)
Incredible architecture from across the world that leave you wondering: “How does this building still stand up?”
2. Abu Dhabi Hyatt (Abu Dhabi)
3. Wooden  Gagster House ( Archangelsk , Russia )
4. Kunsthaus ( Graz , Austria )
5. The Puerta de Europa towers (Madrid, Spain)

World's Craziest Hotels

For many people a hotel is only a place for having a sleep. Here are the top 20 most unusual hotels in the world,  that will give you a most entertaining destination for your next great vacation!

1. California’s Madonna Inn, USA
With tons of wacky themed rooms, there’s nothing dull about California’s Madonna Inn. Take the “Yahoo” room, where the bed looks like a carriage and horns hang above the bed; or the “Rock Bottom” room where your bed appears sudmerged into a cave.
2. The Galactic Suite Space Resort, Barcelona
When The Galactic Suite Space Resort opens for business in 2012, well-heeled guests will be charged $4.4 million for a three night stay at the first planned hotel in space – eight-week training course on a tropical island included.
3. Goldfish Hotel at Amsterdam airport

Amazing Cookie Construct Gingerbread Houses

1. Baba Yaga Gingerbread House
Location: The New York Botanical Garden’s 2009 Gingerbread Adventures (Bronx, NY)
Irina Brandler, a Russian immigrant and owner of Sugar and Spice Bake Shop in Bronx, NY, headed a team of four bakers to make a gingerbread house for Baba Yaga, a witch-like character from Russian folklore who lives in the forest in a hut that stands on chicken legs. Irina’s version of the house stood more than two feet tall and featured a roof covered in shredded wheat cereal and Necco Wafers, pretzel fences and ladder, a trail formed with Boston Baked Beans candy, and Christmas trees made of frosted ice cream cones and pretzel rods. Three domes on the top of the house were all shaped out of fondant—one dome made of a Hershey’s chocolate kiss melted and had to be replaced.
Each of these themes and more are represented in this year’s best gingerbread house creations chosen by Food & Wine editors. Bakers and confectionary designers from New York to Hawaii have been hard at work crafting these sweet-scented masterpieces, employing thousands of gallons of icing, as well as thousands of pounds of chocolate, gingerbread dough, fondant, and candy to capture the essence of the holiday season.

Longest Single Span Bridges

1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan – 1,991 m
The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan heads the list of the top 10 longest single spand bridges in the world. Europe’s longest singel span bridge is the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, although current plans for a bridge between mainland Italy and Sicily across the Messina straights would surpass it if given the go ahead. The Tsing Ma (Hong Kong to China), has the longest span for a bridge with both road and train traffic.
2. Xihoumen Bridge, China – 1,650 m
3. Great Belt Bridge, Denmark – 1,624 m
4. Runyang Bridge, China – 1,490 m
5. Humber Bridge, England – 1,410 m
6. Jiangyin Suspension Bridge, China – 1,385 m
7. Tsing Ma Bridge, China – 1,377 m
8. Verrazano Narrows Bridge, USA – 1,298 m
9. Golden Gate Bridge, USA – 1,280 m
10. Yangluo Bridge, China – 1,280 m

Monday, July 9, 2012

Best Watery Hotels of the World

At the 5 star Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, you’ll stay in one of the 50 villas built on stilts – some up to 500m out to sea – with views of the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. You can also have dinner at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, which is 16 feet below sea level with views of the reed and marine life.
This internationally acclaimed hotel in Phuket is bordered by the Andaman Sea. Surrounded by water, guests can enjoy the sounds of the flowing lagoon and tropical five star living with their own private pool surrounded by coconut trees.

Mexico City's Hottest Buildings

1. Soumaya Museum
Visitors to Mexico City are often surprised by its breadth of architectural styles, from 16th century churches to oddly shaped skyscrapers of the past decade. Here, take a virtual tour of some of Mexico City’s architectural head-turners.
2. Conjunto Arcos Bosques
3. Calakmul
4. Hoteles Fiesta Inn y Fiesta Americana Santa Fe
5. Hotel Habitá
6. Fire Station “Phoenix Bird”
7. Torre Mayor
8. The Santa Fé campus
9. Plaza Juarez Complex
10. BBVA-Bancomer Headquarters

Largest Hotels in the World

20. Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas – 3,002 Rooms
Here is the count down list of World’s top 20 largest hotels. Any hotel that has 3,000 rooms or more can be included in this list.
19. The Mirage, Las Vegas – 3,044 Rooms
18. Disney´s Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, Lake Buena Vista – 3,056 Rooms
17. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas – 3,340 Rooms
16. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu – 3,386 Rooms
15. Flamingo Las Vegas, Las Vegas – 3,565 Rooms
14. Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo – 3,680 Rooms
13. Circus Circus, Las Vegas – 3,774 Rooms
12. Bellagio Las Vegas, Las Vegas – 3,993 Rooms
11. Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas – 4,004 Rooms