Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kubota and Bachmann Architects unveil sustainable masterplan for Niderfeld, Switzerland

This is a state owned under-developed area that is about to under go the process of urban and social development. Kubota and Bachman Architects have designed a plan called Europan-10 that helps in exploring the greener possibilities of the area and also to harness the resources available. The entire design that includes the volume of the area, the pattern, housing, public utility space and landscaping has been planned in order to advocate greener lifestyle. The main idea here is to have people from all diverse backgrounds, cultures, economic and socioeconomic backgrounds unified. The common areas will include park and a playground, a lawn and a fountain suitable for all the levels of the society. In order to make every home unique, the buildings are going to be designed by other architects based on the owner’s choice.The proposal is to make all the buildings of the urban composition in wood. The roof will be designed to have solar panels and also organic garden which supports green eco-system. In order to keep the crowd away from the residential areas, the proposed idea is to make organic gardens of around 25-30 m size and also to demarcate them from the roads.

Tian Yi Town Master Plan

It is very difficult to plan a housing community in the wetlands. But, the town of Tian Yi makes it look like living in wetlands is very comfortable. It has been designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. The housing community plan integrates a self-sustenance hub that includes natural vegetation, a wetland design and a canal system. The plan includes three zones, which gives the design sustenance and the required shape. The three zones consist of outer ring, which has dense vegetation and wetlands, inner ring, which consists of place for social activities and community services and the central zone, has a great garden for all relaxation activities. The buildings within the community are designed in a zigzag manner in order to make the best use of natural ventilation and heat. On these wet lands, the design also includes schools, hospitals, library and any other facility that is required for people to live in the community. Since this is going to be constructed on wetlands, there will be provisions for rainwater harvesting. As per the plan, people from all the levels of income will be able to enjoy residing at the Tian Ti Town.

Abandoned Tunnels Underground Wonders

 Travel guides mostly do not mention these under ground wonders, creepy tunnels and massive underground systems. Some of these tunnels are only recently opened to public. Some are still impossible to enter and very hard to explore. But this is where the “spirit of adventure” comes in, as multitudes of amateur photographers descend into the unknown to bring back evidence of things unseen.
1. Abandoned Salte Mine in Romania
Turda Salt mine is an old closed salt mine in Cluj Country Romania.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tallest Buildings Of The World

10. Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai)
The Jin Mao Tower is 10th tallest skyscraper of the world.  Jin Mao Tower literally “Golden Prosperity Building”  is an 88-story landmark  supertall skyscraper  in the Lujiazui  area of the Pudong district of Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. It contains offices  and the Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel. Until 2007 it was the tallest building in the PRC, the fifth tallest in the world by roof height and the seventh tallest by pinnacle height.

World’s Most Astonishing Staircases

1. Spiral Staircase at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia
If you love to travel through the world, we sure after having a looking at stunning photographs staircases like Spiral Staircase at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum in Italy and Staircase at Lello Bookshop in Portugal you would absolutely like to have your steps on these amazing stairs during your visit of these countries. Lets take a look at ten world’s most amazing Staircases.

Strangest Houses Around The World

1. The Dancing House in Prague
The Dancing House in Prague
Looking around for a house is very exciting as you have the opportunity to look though several house; each house different from each other; it’s a sort of adventure. However, when you move you have to be concerned about the welfare of your children and family. However what will you feel if some body ask you to live in one of these strange houses.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Superb Skyscrapers Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world, and this adds to its charm and colorful culture. Here you will find a dichotomous way of life – its society is largely modern and capitalistic, but its people still maintain Chinese traditions. It is indeed one of the world’s most dynamic cities, and it looks likes it will live up to this reputation for a very long time. Walking through the Hong Kong you will find  a view of some of the most beautiful and modern architectures. Let’s take a look at some really incredible skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

Langham Place 

Most Beautiful Churches Around The World

After noting this that our readers are taking much more interest in our post most beautiful mosques around the world we decided to have a post on most beautiful churches around the world. So let’s take a look at some awesome churches which are absolutely incredible architecture work

Beautiful Church In Shoreline Connecticut, USA

A Church In Kizhi, Russia

Marvelous Castles and Palaces of the World

Alhambra palace
Alhambra palace structure was started after the Reconquista, the reconquering of Spain performed by the Christian kings, started. This adds to its aura. While the illiterate Christians were advancing, Spain reached its highest cultural level ever, but under the Muslim rulers. The slender structure of Alhambra, the breathtaking details, the celebration of life, the mixture of nature in men’s design, all underline what tragedy the return of Christianity in Spain was to be for centuries to come.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amazing Sculptures In Spain

Spain is a fabulous country and fantastic tourist destination. You will no doubt find the ideal destination to meet your needs when you go to Spain. Traveling through Spain you see numerous monuments. As you continue traveling you’ll find museums, as well as stunning architecture. Here is collection of some incredible sculpture art around the Spain.

Sculpture In Barcelona City

Luxurious Outdoor Furniture Designs

 There is nothing more beautiful than looking out the back windows of your home and seeing your very own chunk of paradise. Often we pay very close attention to the aesthetics but forget about the

Can You Guess Who Lives in This House?

 May be your mind is going towards a Saudi Prince? or Queen of England? or a Billionaire? Well, see all pictures of this one of luxurious houses of the world and at the end of the post you will find the answer that who is living in this home.