Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tian Yi Town Master Plan

It is very difficult to plan a housing community in the wetlands. But, the town of Tian Yi makes it look like living in wetlands is very comfortable. It has been designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. The housing community plan integrates a self-sustenance hub that includes natural vegetation, a wetland design and a canal system. The plan includes three zones, which gives the design sustenance and the required shape. The three zones consist of outer ring, which has dense vegetation and wetlands, inner ring, which consists of place for social activities and community services and the central zone, has a great garden for all relaxation activities. The buildings within the community are designed in a zigzag manner in order to make the best use of natural ventilation and heat. On these wet lands, the design also includes schools, hospitals, library and any other facility that is required for people to live in the community. Since this is going to be constructed on wetlands, there will be provisions for rainwater harvesting. As per the plan, people from all the levels of income will be able to enjoy residing at the Tian Ti Town.

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