Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kubota and Bachmann Architects unveil sustainable masterplan for Niderfeld, Switzerland

This is a state owned under-developed area that is about to under go the process of urban and social development. Kubota and Bachman Architects have designed a plan called Europan-10 that helps in exploring the greener possibilities of the area and also to harness the resources available. The entire design that includes the volume of the area, the pattern, housing, public utility space and landscaping has been planned in order to advocate greener lifestyle. The main idea here is to have people from all diverse backgrounds, cultures, economic and socioeconomic backgrounds unified. The common areas will include park and a playground, a lawn and a fountain suitable for all the levels of the society. In order to make every home unique, the buildings are going to be designed by other architects based on the owner’s choice.The proposal is to make all the buildings of the urban composition in wood. The roof will be designed to have solar panels and also organic garden which supports green eco-system. In order to keep the crowd away from the residential areas, the proposed idea is to make organic gardens of around 25-30 m size and also to demarcate them from the roads.

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