Sunday, September 2, 2012

LEED Platinum building

 Israel is all set to become an international example when it comes to housing environmentally friendly buildings. The country will house a LEED Platinum certified building in Tel Aviv University (TAU). Around three years back, Geotectura, an architectural firm focusing on sustainable architecture, won a competition of international repute together with Chen Architects and Axelrod-Grobman Architects for designing a green building for Porter School of Environment Studies (PSES) located in TAU. And now, the trio have started laying ground work for the building.
LEED Platinum Eco Building by Geotectura
In order to discourage people from using personal vehicles and promote the usage of public transport, Geotectura plans to construct a minimal parking area so as to house fewer vehicles. It is an assumption that when the parking area is less, faculty and students would be encouraged to use public transport and bicycles instead.
Let’s see how much this project would succeed in its presumptions, assumptions and realizations. It is good that countries like Israel, where resources have not been very fair in their distribution, are thinking of such sane ideas to be realized. Green projects do cost more but in the long run are sure to benefit our home. Such steps are the commencements to lower our mammoth carbon footprints.

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