Sunday, September 2, 2012

Church Made From Cardboard

 Come next year, and construction will set out in full swing for Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand. So, you would be wondering what’s so special about this. Well, the church will be entirely made from recyclable cardboard materials. Earlier this year, the church was substantially damaged by an earthquake. So, it had been an absolute necessity to repair the church since it had become a potent threat to the civil life of the city.
There is a little of debate here. Taking all the goodies into consideration, the temporary nature of the church, easy availability of the construction material, the lowness of expenditure, can the fact that ultimately, cardboard is made from trees be so easily overcome? When we all are talking about a pious convenience, is it a sin to throw a glance on what the effect of preparing an entire framework of a building out of cardboard can be on the already dwindling picture of greenery? Of course, you would say that the proportion would be negligible when compared to the entire panorama of ruthlessness that we are tolling on our forests, but yet, would it not have been wise to contribute in the smallest way to preserving the remaining precious layer? It would be sane to give a thought!

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