Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Energy System

 Since the blueprints for devising consumer solutions have been transmogrifying to render efficiency in extreme, manufacturers are certainly hammering away at adopting the green approach. Although we have witnessed almost plenty of devices that throw light on the environment, the new concept vows to stand out from the rest. Surfaced recently, the novel Torus Design emerges to be the first home that focuses on utilizing the cold fusion generation.
Besides concentrating on elevating self sufficiency, the concept assists in increasing the sense of renewable energy and food production. With 2,224 square feet of interior and 1,520 square feet of courtyard, the project could also be used as a duplex, whereby an individual can render the other half to someone else on a rental basis. Apart from ensuring sustainability and its aim of raising the living standard, Torus Design could also be an influential, amazing way for large families to move in together.
In addition to being an E-Cat/LENR home energy system, the house concept has also been customized for large families as a potential solution. The project incorporates a cool pantry, underground Earthbag Survival Shelter and cisterns on the exterior and the courtyard. One would also discover the optional escape tunnel with the stated survival shelter, food forest which surrounds the home and rainwater barrels.
Furthermore, the project will be subsuming two baths, two bedrooms at each side and footprint of 74’ diameter, excluding the 8.5’ wide greenhouse. Although it’s still kind of unknown who has designed the concept, Torus Design is anticipated to divulge some more details in the near future.

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