Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers

 Starbucks, the coffee outlet, has seen remarkable expansion in this year. It has not only increased its business outreach in China, but improved its popularity rating by offering free mobile apps to customers. Starbucks has shown foresight in the development of its business enterprise by investing in what is relevant in business. Starbucks has made promises in the past of going the sustainable route and the unveiling of its “recycled design experiment” on Tuesday, demonstrates how committed the company is to being more Eco-friendly.
The company’s first location, Seattle is seeing a new side of the brand in the shape of container stores. The new drive-through and walk-up store is built from four used shipping containers, the defining result of Starbucks’ desire to create stores that are mobile and energy efficient. Its mobile aspect allows the store to be disassembled and moved to another location. The portable store will be very useful. For instance, the store can sit on a vacant lot for many years without rent payments until the spot is finally to be developed.
The company also wanted to put to good use the containers the tea and coffee was shipped in rather than let them be space occupiers.
The dimensions of the store are 448 square feet and it provides economical space, just enough for three baristas to work behind the counter. There is no space for customers inside the store.
Starbucks is keen to enforce the Green message even to its customers by covering the side of one of the support containers with Starbucks style font, reading 'Regenerate, Reuse, Recycle, Renew, Reclaim.'
Another reason for the company’s efforts is that Starbucks has recognized the appeal of shipping containers as building materials as the past schemes have met with success: from pop-up grocery stores (for instance, the Seattle-based Stockbox Grocers) to Eco-friendly houses. Shipping containers are this year’s most appealing commodity in the reusable category according to design and architecture professionals.

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