Thursday, September 6, 2012

GSP Area Proposal

 Greek architectural practice, Kizis Architects, has underlined "the change of the scenery" as the key criterion in redesigning the old Pancyprian Gymnastic Association (GSP) stadium area in Nicosia, Cyprus. The redesign proposal by Kizis Architects, including Yannis Kizis, Costandis Kizis, Thymis Dougkas and Gregory Patsalosavvis, has won first prize in European Architectural Competition.

The 1999-built largest stadium in Cyprus is currently in a derelict condition. The competition launched by the Town Planning Department wanted the old stadium area to be transformed into a scheme of multiple uses. The team of architects at Kizis responded to this call by integrating a clear alteration of scenery, which includes the stretching of green land in the relieved area. This green land will be prominent for its well built personality and supremacy of nature, offering a brand new experience of a precise public place.
The moderately undersized quarter of the former dilapidated GSP stadium should be redesigned in such a way as to accommodate huge number of people, a recreation park, and a cluster of buildings to cater to entertainment and commercial activities. The park/square should be animatedly integrated into the road axis of Nicosia, where the stadium is located. The bypass of that axis should be dynamically redesigned to contain an inward looking green land, open-air theater and commercial place. These three targets should be expressed in a single gesticulation of lifted edges and immersed stadium at the center. The redesigned boarders will, thereby, offer new kind of public access and the theater will face the park.
The centrally located ground will contain commercial fronts in two niches to the length of the bypass, revitalizing the south urban front. The commercial space at lower level – coffee shops, galleries and bookshop – will be topped by a long exhibition area along Evagorou Street. A unique “water curtain” is integrated into the scheme between the passageway and esplanade of the park.
The landscaping design emphasizes seasonal changes in the area by integrating morphological floras and faunas that are unique to the Cypriot landscape. The three main entities are typified in different ways: unique plants at Mediterranean Hill east, group of thick trees at Parkland and pinewood in the open-air theater. Hair grass and wild flowers will seasonally adorn the area. Sycamore trees are planted along the pavements to provide shade and improved visual appeal. Water curtains in the area will take care of summer by providing the necessary cooling and enhances the micro climate.
Architects have also given importance to the criterion of energy saving. Geothermal heat pumps, reuse of the gray water, heat recovery from the cast off air, etc. are some of the measures taken in this regard. By clearly changing the scenery giving importance to a strong spirited green land, the architects are poised to transform the derelict GSP stadium area into a dynamic public space.

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