Thursday, September 6, 2012

Panasonic and Sandals Resorts 'Eco Village' in Jamaica

 Looking out for an eco-friendly resort for your holidays this Christmas? Well then, green geeks, head on to Jamaica’s Eco Village to experience some green tranquility. Not just for your eyes, but also for your conscious soul (considering that it is often a sin to harm nature in any way to environmental thinkers)! Sandals Resort International in partnership with Panasonic has come with what is known as Eco Village, an environmentally friendly accommodation in its resorts.

The suites have some amazing energy saving appliances including LED lights, flat screen televisions and inverter air conditioners. You can control these electricals via a touch screen panel or smart phones. Panasonic will be providing these appliances. Talking about their efficiency, the LED lights would save as much as 90 percent of electricity whereas air conditioners will save around 65 percent of energy, claim the company officials. The best part comes now - the Resort has a unique Green Room Controller System which provides insights into the energy consumption. Eco Village is one of the few examples which we get to see these days. And, it’s a part of our efforts to a more sustainable living. A welcome step toward green tourism!

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