Monday, September 10, 2012

Plus energy hotel

 Of the total energy consumption in the world, a considerable fraction is consumed by the hotel industry. In such conditions, going against the trend and creating a commercial structure that renders off extra energy rather than demand it, is actually worth applause. Switzerland’s Romantik Hotel has achieved more than just applause for the same. It has been felicitated with three different awards - Swiss Solar Award 2011, Milestone 2011 Tourism Award and the PlusEnergieBau (PEB) Solar Award 2011. Why? Because it is one of those rare pieces of architecture in this world, whose energy exceeds in the generation as compared to its usage. Stunning, is it not? Let us find out how it has managed to do so.
The solar installations for the purpose of heating water would be 60 square meters in dimensions, while the entire structure would be made live with energy by 16 geothermal loops coiling the building. This apart, a 228 meters long photovoltaic system would supplement the installations.
With the kind of scenic place Switzerland is, this construction is worth an envious eye from even the best hotels in the world. After all, it has done what many others of its cadre could not do – think of Mother Nature and apply it practically.

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