Friday, May 25, 2012

A massive eco friendly tech hub in NYC

 A state-of-the-art net-zero energy tech hub, NYCTech Campus has been designed by a collaboration of the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology and the Cornell University for New York City. Both institutes have employed their credentials in green technology to propose the design for an international contest to design a new Applied Sciences Graduate School on Roosevelt Island.
Net-zero energy NYCTech Campus

The work from Technion and Cornell University was selected as the winner of the competition in the fall 2011. The NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented the award to the team. Classes in the campus are projected to start in September this year. The mammoth tech hub from the Technion-Cornell team can house 25,000 students and 280 teachers.
The two million square foot campus is proposed to enhance the city’s capacity for applied sciences and it will likely boost its economy, says the press release from Technion. The hub is proposed to have high end eco friendly technologies. Indeed, the NYC tech hub will be one of the world’s best environmentally friendly campuses.
According to an economic impact analysis, the tech hub could generate billions in overall economic activity in the coming 30 years. It is also believed that the hub will create more than 20,000 construction jobs and 8000 full-time jobs. As a whole, along with caring the nature, the massive tech hub will be highly influential in the economic growth of the New York City in future.
The NYC Tech Campus will be a new hub for America’s start-ups. New companies can commence operation in the new hub instead of Silicon Valley. The NYCTech Campus will provide all essential financial and legal assistance to ripe new businesses, which are focused on medicine, urban planning, advertising and others.

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