Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to efficiently use human waste

 If you see how nature works, then you will notices that nothing is wasted in nature, apart from what is man made. Whatever is naturally produced, becomes one with the Earth after its life cycle is over. Similarly, after humans consume food the excrement should also ideally become a part of nature. However, this is not so in today's modern way of living as human excrement finds its way into water and pollutes our valuable water resources.

The Trilet is a design of a public restroom by Caine which is not connected to the sewerage or municipal water systems as it does not make use of water at all! The human excrement is automatically covered after each use with hay, sawdust and other organic covers in order to reduce bad odor that arises from the composting process. The Trilet has a removable insert that can also be reused. This insert is sent to the adjoining municipal composting facility from time to time. In a year's time, this fertilizer which is 100 percent organic is then supplied to retail stores for agricultural applications at a much lesser cost.
In this way, the Trilet contributes to the reduction of fertilizer usage in modern agriculture and also leads to a reduction in the chlorine content of the water treatment plants.
The Trilet is a great endeavor to make human waste a part of the agricultural process which can be made much healthier when crops are grown by using 100 percent organic fertilizer. In this way, the food that we eat would be much safer and we would not risk our health with the current chemicals that are being consumed along with the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Furthermore, the Trilet also helps is separating human waste from water. Since our washrooms are connected with water outlets, we eventually end up mixing sewage with our water sources that lead to contamination of water. Therefore, in order to treat the contamination, we end up over-chlorinating the water which is also very harmful. The Trilet is a great effort to separate human waste from water and to direct it back to the soil in a natural way!


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