Sunday, October 7, 2012

Regeneration of Life through this TREE OF LIFE KLCC

 The talented designer Koh Hau Yeow has come up with an exclusively green design for the proposed development at Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) park in Malaysia. This is the design for an architectural wonder named TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC. The rich landscape at this location allows for an interactive space between an urban and a natural formation where an innovative design could easily fit in. This creative life tree design is proposed to utilize the flowing area from the park into the construct, thus developing an ecological habitat for the residents while also well-accommodating retail areas, parking facilities and workplaces.

There would be nodal pads spread across the landscaped environmental decks designed for congregation and other activities, and the green links would be replicated here as sky gardens and terraces. The design focuses on harnessing natural daylight in a strategic manner, as well as infusing it perfectly into all voids within this voluminous structure. Full-height glazing cuts off direct glare and heat generation in the interiors of the facade. The building's sky terraces offer cross-ventilation of air, and its interstitial spaces act as breezeways. There are also proper rainwater harvesting and water recycling systems installed to make the structure greener.

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