Friday, October 19, 2012

Parasitic Insertions

 The Los Angeles basin is a place that has seen the third highest number of oil drilling points in the era when industrialization had flourished in the Unites States. This tale was during the late 1800s and 1950s when the LA basin flourished with a huge number of oil drilling units, also known as oil derricks. Today, when oil drilling has found a resurrected life with all kinds of technological boons electrifying and energizing its existence, these oil derricks seem to have faded off in their hugeness of prominence. However, this may not be very true. Here is a reason to remain on the positive side of the debate.

Home to whom? It could be home to a large number of plants and honey bees. You see fulfillment of a commercial cause in addition to a biological cause. Well, this is just a project in thoughts and is not in practice as of now. The main advantage of this pious human thought, if at all it could be shaken to life, would be that for the first time, crude oil would be used for a cause other than causing widespread pollution problem in the environment.
Let’s see how much an Eco-friendly thought of utilizing crude oil for a green purpose can be put in practicality in the grand city of Los Angeles, United States, one of the largest consumers of oil in the world.

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